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Yana was born in Russia /Moscow. Her psytrance journey began in 2003, when she met Maxim Vishnevsky who offered her to sing in his project (G-Light).
after producing and releasing several collaborations Yana decided to open her own solo project - Z-CaT.
In 2008 was released her first track “Nice Connection”.
Then In 2009 EP “Awaken Stories” was out on portuguese label Ultravision Records which was very successful and she started traveling and performing around the world. 

In the same time she was awarded as The Best Psytrance Dj in Russia.
Z-CAT released her debut full album "REFLECTED" in 2013 on South African label M.M.D. Records after which she took the global psytrance scene by storm.
In 2014  became a member of Dropland Recs, with 2 Eps - “Ablaze” and “Elucidate”
her second studio album "Beyond All Dimensions" was out in 2018 which was in the top of charts for quite a long time.
In 2019 joined Solartech records with her EP “Seagull Jonathan Livingston” 
In 2021 she moved to United Beats records with her blasting EP Sirens.
Nowadays she is creating new night time psychedelic stompers with her own vocal samples, giving herself a more unique punchy spin on the genre. Euphoric full power psytrance with a feminine twist!

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