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"She is an artist at heart, who uses music to paint her soul".

Vhaera is An Israel-based music producer, DJ, and vocalist.
Her music combines elements of dark melodic techno and progressive house that is based on high energy with touches of classical and psychedelic music. Much of her inspiration comes from exploring sound design and searching for the next sounds.

Her music has signed to labels around the world such as: Red Eclipse, Almar and Anomalje.
Vhaera's music is supported by Agoria, Brian Doran, Cevin Fisher, Danny Tenaglia, Dizharmonia, Amine Edge, Dubfire, Shmitty, Sanjay Dutta, Armina, and many others. Her tracks entered the top Beatport charts, including #27 in Progressive House releases.

She is the 3rd generation of a musical dynasty who got to perform at the biggest clubs in Israel, Brazil, and Ibiza. In Israel she had gigs at "The Block", "Forum", "Reading 3", "Zapa B-Side", "Hangar 09", "Gagarin", "Light House", "Medison squre garden", "SUB" and more... In addition, She performed at the biggest events/productions in Israel such as "One way", "Geisha", "Gossip", "We Are The People", "Space community", "Madness", " Boiler TLV", "Animals" and many more. And now she is one of the most sought-after DJ/Producers in Israel today. In October 2021 Vhaera was invited to a tour in Ibiza and played at "Ibiza Rocks", "Itaca," "Plastick" and more... And in December she continued to her 2nd tour to Brazil. in Ibiza, she played along other great artists as Damon Hess, Access code, who performed with her and more...

Vhaera's recipe of vision, mind and sounds mesmerize audiences around the world, and give them an exciting new experience. Every sound she makes combine effortlessly to create her own unique art. She has the ability to touch the soul of the crowd.

The world is merely the canvas upon which we trace the story of our lives. And she is here to make history and inspire more and more souls.

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