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The Freak Show

Etay Avraham (42)

Etay Have Been Living And Breathing Music Through His Live Since Early Childhood Have Been Raised With Music All Around . 

Much of His inspiration comes from Ethnic music Cinematic Music Rock Pop And More , with more up to date electro & trance mixing in, reflected in His upcoming tunes!

Freak Show Can best be described as a dynamic & powerful psy trance outfit, bringing a sense of madness to the dance floors. You can hear it in His tracks. They aim for one thing - to Rock!

Freak Show Working steadily in the studio over the past years has given birth to some amazing tracks, with high class production, monstrous bass lines, massive drum sets and with one intention - To Freak People Out! Freak Show recently Released His 4Th album Miracle (Blue Tunes Records).

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