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Static Movement

Shahar Shtrikman, aka Static Movement, was born in 1984, originally from Ukraine, and currently living in Israel. Shahar started his way with classical music in his early childhood, listening sounds of the piano in the living room played by his mother, she gave him a lot of inspiration. When he was six years old Shahar already played piano and developed his hearing and understanding of music. In the year 1996, Shahar was exposed to trance music by some friends and Discovered “Impulse Tracker”, a program for producing music. After some time of initial producing, he started a new goa trance project under the name “Impulser'.

10 years later Shahar decided to study sound engineering to become a professional. He moved to Tel Aviv and started his studies at “Yoav Gera sound school”. Meanwhile, he was working in a recording studio named “Oz studios” for two years. There he gained a lot of experience, recording punk rock, metal, and alternative rock among other genres, using both analog and digital equipment also worked in the PA company as a soundman.

In 2011 Shahar decided to open the Project 'Static Movement' with a lot of hard work and belief in the music, the project become very popular around the world, the main thing about Static Movement project is to express feelings to the music and write storytelling combined with his piano skills and off course keep the best sound quality in every single track. nowdays Static Movement is considered one of the top headliners in the psytrance industry, with a wide spectrum of music in maybe different genres, his sound signature is the magic in his melodies and feelings, released 5 albums and more than 100 tracks in major labels, and today he runs a label called Sol Music named by his daughter.

    Static Movement
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