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Section303 a.k.a. Adam Ward, is a Norwich-based progressive trance producer and DJ who harnesses the cerebral and esoteric properties of Hamburg’s ‘Off-Beat’ psy-trance. Born from the UK free party scene, he first started DJing in 2007, carrying his collection of Acid Techno and Trance records to fields, warehouses and barns across the UK. Through the use of simple bass lines combined with hyper-detailed atmospherics and carefully crafted melodies and harmonies, Section303’s musical manifesto is defined by his ability to blend contrasting elements to create a unique sensory experience that is equal parts deep and groovy. He also draws influence from outside the realm of psy-trance, pulling in sounds and techniques from 80’s synthwave.He has had the opportunity to share the stage with Ace Ventura, Morten Granau, Day.Din & Infected Mushroom. Adam continues to spread his unique and fresh style of groovy & melodic Progressive Trance.

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