Montez; a.k.a. Edgar Montez has blasted onto the Psychedelic Trance scene like a bat out of hell. Montez’s exclusive, innovative and unequivocal style has seen him rapidly becoming a main stay with a plethora of tracks and fresh music seemingly bursting out of him. Already signed to Altered States Music; Montez has also released tracks on Enterrec, Timelapse and Green Tree Records and well as remixing for the well-respected Free-Spirit Records.
Born and raised in Portugal, for Edgar – music has been a massive part of his life since he was a teenager, and he was hooked on Psychedelic Trance from his first encounter. Powerfully merging tough beats, driving basses & hypnotic spellbinding lines, his sound has reverberated and resonated with the crowds, infiltrating minds, moving bodies and touching many souls. Energising, revitalising, and empowering, his music elevates spirits all over the globe.
His enigmatic and infectious style of performing has earned him gigs with some of the most renowned parties around like, Illuminaughty, Boomtown & Universo Parallelo.
Always pushing for more – Montez also joined forces with the super talented Pedro Ferreira & formed a new act called Alien Devices. Their unique fresh sound has seen them instantly snapped up by the iconic pioneers Y.S.E.
Montez eats, sleeps and breathes Psychedelic Trance and it’s this, combined with his natural instinctive intuition that enables him to create music that both moves and unites crowds. His dedication, passion and relentless energy fused with a deep intrinsic connection to people makes him the outstanding artist he is today. Be prepared – this rocket has only just launched!

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