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Fernando Guerra or just Guerra, every day carries with him more fans of his work that has been consolidating in national events.
DJ & Producer who has an immense appreciation for sounds with basslines and aggressive rhythmic elements, has transformed this into his own striking identity, with a beautiful and consistent harmony that varies between 140 to 145 bpms during his presentation.
Guerra has conquered the hearts of the crowd in each presentation and this time will be no different. The short time of his career did not prevent him from sharing the stage with several renowned artists from the world stage, names such as: Neelix, Basscannon, Querox, Aura Vortex, Element, Becker, Wrecked Machines/Gabe, Fabio Leal, The Big Brother/ Point, Groundbass, Synthatic, Labyrinth, among others.
In the year 2021, he reached the top of the biggest electronic music sales website in the world, with his work “Orbital” (ft. Animalia).
The artist's project has been taking hold with enormous speed thanks to the contagious charisma he carries, with presentations scheduled at major events on the national scene.

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