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Dj Dede

Dj dede started DJing in the Israeli trance scene at 1992 , in 1997 he started the legendary label MDMA records compiling many graet CDs such as future navigators, pure MDMA , bass monster and more , dede also compiled and mixed the last chapter of the "deck wizards". Vol 6, where he introduced to the global trance scene the unique Israeli sound of those years, at 2002 he started his own label "spectrum music" and released his own music under the name spectrum ,produced 3 albums and played live and dj all across the globe in major festivals such as boom , voov (Germany) ,Shiva moon , Dede also released trk co made with gms,space cat, oforia,tsuyoshi Suzuki,dado ,tarsis, perplex ,altom , Galapagos and more

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