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A cube is a geometric, three-dimensional shape. Each of the six square faces is equal and creates a steady, strong but predictable form. However, what happens when somebody manages to see beyond the ordinary shape? What happens when a person starts to treat this cube as a Rubik's Cube, and create a complex and creative new form? This might be exactly the case of Cubixx, aka Mattias Sperlich. Cubixx @ VuuV Festival 2011 Sperlich was born and raised in Berlin, Germany, and was deeply influenced by the growing Electronic genre boom that emerged after the wall broke down. He bought his first vinyl when he was 16 years old (Cosmic Baby - '+') and was fascinated with the new sounds, especially the ones that came from Eye Q and Hard House records. He had begun to explore his mixing skills in 1993, and realized it will take many hours of hard work for him to figure out how to master the DJ art form. But Sperlich was too stubborn to give up, and his persistence in achieving perfection made him practice like a maniac for the next 2 years. After endless months of practice, Sperlich could mix from his sleep, and that was the time to get out of the bedroom and into the dance floor. His DJ name at that time was Cubic, and he performed all over Germany with the new Techno sounds. In every person's life there is a turning point, something that changes the whole point of view on life, career and the future. For Sperlich it was the birth of his son in 1999, which made him rethink the whole idea of being part of the music industry. He wanted to get more 'serious' and so he went to study Media Design for Picture and Sound, where he graduated in 2005.

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