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The “Bubble” Project was created in 2004 by Karen Bagdasarov & Guy Sarnat as a consequence of their passion for electronic music and their rich musical knowledge. Karen, skilled since early childhood as a saxophonist & jazz musician, and later educated at the “Academy of Music and Arts” in Jerusalem, and Guy, who focused on electronic music production and the art of sound engineering at the “Muzik School” in Tel Aviv, combined their expertise to create a unique style of electronic music composition supported by energetic and powerful live performances. Within their three Albums, “Airless” (2005), “Sound of Silence” (2006) & “Coldsun” (2011), along with their 8 Eps, “Keep moving Forward” (2012), “Drive” (2013) “Bootleg” (2015),Baraka (2016),Hijaz (2016) ,Colors (2017),Listen Kid (2018),Sitar (2018),Iam (2019),up&down (2019),soulmate (2019),Ampm (2020) Gefilterfish (2021)unreleased set (2021) ==Bubble Vs Eps== In panic - Anytime (2013)-- Psykopat - Micro (2013)-- Rising dust- Rising Bubble (2013) b-water (2016) Changa (2016)Starting to feel (2015) Chasing moly in the stars (2018)-- Upgrade ,Acai (2017) Creative minds(2017)--Bizzare contact - Tenla (2016) Sparks (2020)--Freak show - Hamsa (2019)--,Stayos--search yourself (2020)--,Fabio fusco-Dream on Rmx (2020) Fire in my heart (2021) Back home (2022) Chapura fort (2022) Just to be (2022) ATRESIA (2022) .. Bubble has achieved just what they were working towards for all those years: merging rich melodies with this lush beats and a deep rolling bass forming the distinctive “Bubble Style”

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