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Bingo Bango

So pleased to introduce myself to YOU!!!
Bingo Bango is a new Progressive Psytrance project that was born in the covid lockdown times, with an idea to bring to this world a fresh touch of Psytrance sounds.
Behind this project stands: Dui Bitton A.K.A Coming Soon!!!, already with a long history in the electronic music industry, performing worldwide and with millions of unique listeners every year.
Bingo Bango is more than ready to deliver our first release
"Start With A Dream" on December 30th, to mention a fresh start on a new journey just one day before new years eve.
and very happy to have my first release on a label that I appreciate so much: Spin Twist Records
I really hope to have as much of YOU with me on this road trip that we plan to be long as much as it's fun to create for YOU.
So stay tuned, and look also into my other social channels.


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