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Patrick Ferreira, 32 years old, was born in Switzerland and moved to Portugal with 6 years old. He started djing when he was 14 years old, mixing House and Techno, until he met Trance a year after, starting to dedicate himself to this music style. 

Getting more into the scene, in 2006 he started also dedicating himself to Psychedelic and Progressive Trance production. 

The 1st album "Alienn - Cosmic Matter" was released at 2009, and 10 EPs between 2011 and 2016.  At 2015 born a new project called Vibers (Alienn and Brainwash), and 2 Eps was been released at 2016. Alienn has played in Brasil, Switzerland, Japan, South Africa, Morroco, Macedonia, Germany, 

Australia, Belgium, Mexico, Serbia, Italy, Israel, Slovenia, France, Spain and more.

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